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Canadian Bar Association Members CPD Online On-Demand

Ontario CPD | Alberta CPD | Quebec CPD Online On-Demand


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             2. We provide a link to watch your videos anytime at your leisure

             3. We email you a printable Certificate of Attendance for your records

             Order by Bundle or by the Hour 

             All Courses Are Approved for Ontario, Alberta & Quebec

             All Courses are in English

             Payment is in U.S. Dollars




Continuing  Professional  Development  Activities  By  The  Hour

All Courses Approved For Substantive / General Credit  -  Preview & Order Below


     $59  1 Hr  Courtroom Dos & Don'ts... Straight from the Bench   Brochure   Preview Course

     $59  1 Hr  Eliminating Bias... in the Legal Profession   Brochure   Preview Course

     $59  1 Hr  Substance Abuse... Learn How to Detect, Prevent & Treat   Brochure   Preview Course


                                  Ethics & Professional Responsibility: Raising the Bar  (4 Parts)   Brochure   Preview Course 

     $59   1 Hr   Part 1    Exploring  Image                              

     $59   1 Hr   Part  2   Improving Image                            

     $59   1 Hr   Part  3   Improving Advertising                   

     $59   1 Hr   Part  4   Improving Communication with Clients & Jurors  


Save By Ordering Bundles

     $110   2 Hrs  Part 1 & 2

     $150   3 Hrs  Part  1, 2 & 3

     $180   4 Hrs  Part 1, 2,  3 & 4

     $110   2 Hrs  Substance Abuse & Eliminating Bias

     $250   6 Hrs  Part 1, 2, 3, 4 & Substance Abuse & Eliminating Bias

     $220   5 Hrs  Part 1, 2, 3 & Substance Abuse & Eliminating Bias

     $180   4 Hrs  Part 1, 2 & Substance Abuse & Eliminating Bias

     $150   3 Hrs  Part 1 & Substance Abuse & Eliminating Bias

     $110   2 Hr   Part 1 &  Eliminating Bias  

     $110   2 Hr   Parts 3 & 4

     $150   3 Hr   Parts 1, 2 & 4

     $150   3 Hr   Part 1, 2  &  Substance Abuse

     $150   3 Hr   Part 1, 2  &  Eliminating Bias







All Courses are Approved for Substantive / General Credit

QUEBEC: All these activities are recognized by the Comité. Training activities held outside the Province of Québec and approved by a foreign bar as part of a Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) program are automatically recognized by the Comité. The following foreign bars have approved these activities: CA CO GA NJ NY NC TN

ALBERTA:  Alberta lawyers are permitted to include all these activities as a CPD learning activity in their mandatory annual Continuing Professional Development Plan as required by the Law Society of Alberta.

ONTARIO:  Only Professionalism hours must be accredited by the Law Society. The remaining 9 Substantive Hours need not be accredited. All our activities are Substantive Hours only. For online activities such as these, the following special requirement applies to Ontario Province Only:  2 or more colleagues must watch the videos simultaneously. Ontario attorneys may satisfy this special Ontario Province requirement by having 2 or more colleagues purchase  the online video courses and watch them together or you may also watch the videos from separate locations - so long as you are on the telephone with each other while watching.

If you need help - Call Customer Care 760-683-5898 or send Email

Voice-mail messages returned ASAP between 9:00 and 5:00 Pacific Time


POLICY    At MCLEAPPROVED.com it is our goal to make your Canadian CPD experience enjoyable and convenient. We  provide high quality Canadian Bar association Member CPD - Continuing Professional Development programs through meaningful and entertaining continuing legal education online video courses.  We are pleased  to offer Canadian Attorneys Continuing Professional Development  video classes that satisfy your CPD needs. We provide Ontario CPD online; we provide Alberta CPD online; and we provide Quebec CPD online. We hope  you will tell your partners and associates about our Ontario Province CPD, our Alberta Province CPD, & our Quebec Province CPD Training Activities & Seminars Online On-Demand. Our Canada CPD Programs & Seminars are  video webcast courses available online on-demand to help satisfy your Canadian CPD requirements and your continuing professional development.


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