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 Texas  Ethics  MCLE Credit

Accreditation 10/18/23 to 9/30/24

Texas Course # 174213791


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    Order Course:  Ethics & Professional Responsibility: Raising the Bar [4 Parts]


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   Order by Individual Parts      

    $19  1 Hr  TX CLE Ethics Credit   Ethics Part 1  Exploring Attorney Image       

    $19  1 Hr  TX CLE Ethics Credit   Ethics Part 2  Improving Attorney Image   

    $19  1 Hr  TX CLE Ethics Credit   Ethics Part 3  Improving Attorney Advertising  

    $19  1 Hr  TX CLE Ethics Credit   Ethics Part 4  Improving Attorney Communication Skills  






   Save by Ordering Bundles

    $29  2.0 Hrs  TX CLE Ethics Credit  Bundle  Ethics Part 1 & 2

    $39  3.0 Hrs  TX CLE Ethics Credit  Bundle  Ethics  Part 1 & 2 & 3

    $39  3.0 Hrs  TX CLE Ethics Credit  Bundle  Ethics  Part 1 & 2 & 4

    $49  4.0 Hrs  TX CLE Ethics Credit  Bundle  Ethics  Part 1 & 2 & 3 & 4



Read What Other Attorneys Say About Us & Our Courses

“The Ethics course is excellent. I enjoyed the videos - they were enlightening and thought provoking. I would definitely recommend it.” Marc Levy, Texas Bar

"Simple, very well done - makes it easy and painless to get my CLE credit. Gregory Guidry, Texas Bar

"The Ethics course is excellent and I enjoyed it very much. This was an approach I hadn't considered, and was a very clever and enlightening insight into the minds of average (jury-panel qualified) citizens regarding their thoughts about how we as lawyers conduct ourselves in a myriad of situations.  Very informative!"  Michael A. Hooper, Texas Bar

"The best professional ethics courses I've taken in my long career." Michael H. Polley, Illinois Bar

"Enjoyed the Ethics course very much. The content & instructor are excellent - definitely recommend it." Robert Pointer, Texas Bar

" I benefited more than I expected from the Ethics, Part 4 video. I will use again in the future."  Alex J. Scharff, Texas Bar

"Ethics course and instructor are excellent - definitely recommend it." Christa Brown-Sanford, Texas Bar

"The most painless CLE Ethics program I have ever watched / listened to. I enjoyed it very much and definitely recommend it." Prof. Walter Hellerstein, Illinois & New York Bars, University of Georgia School of Law, Faculty

"Convenient, Entertaining, Informative - I definitely recommend it." Richard R. Mellott, Jr., Kentucky, Bar

"What a great way to obtain CLE credit. I definitely recommend it." Steven Glenn Kinkel, Kentucky Bar

"I liked the format... customer care was excellent." Wendy Larsen, Florida Bar

"This was a very well-organized MCLE online process. Easy to order and watch. Good quality. Highly recommend this provider."  Andrew  Gonsalves, New York Bar

"Directions, printing materials, and ease of use were great." Cynthia Salloum, Georgia Bar

“The Ethics course is excellent, informative, helpful, and at times sobering; and I would  definitely recommend it to new and experienced attorneys as well.” Deborah Trinker, Florida & Iowa Bars

“Getting the extra ethics credit which I needed was quick, easy, and interesting. I definitely recommend it." Susan Michajlo, New York Bar

"A refreshing approach to Ethics CLE. The course is excellent. I definitely recommend it." Michelle Whitelaw, Tennessee Bar

"The Ethics course took a fresh and unique approach at a very important topic for today's lawyers. Highly recommended." Ian Arp, Iowa Bar

“The content and instructor are excellent. I enjoyed the course very much and definitely recommend it.”  Alissa Smith, Illinois & Iowa Bars

"Very interesting format. Probably the only way to effectively communicate and remind the lawyer of things they should know but may have forgotten and begun to ignore due to years of practice. The instructor is excellent, and I enjoyed the Ethics course very much. I definitely recommend it." Thomas Scarr, Kentucky Bar

"The Ethics course & instructor are excellent. I definitely recommend it." Stefan L. Addison,  Florida &  New York Bars

"I definitely recommend it, and I really appreciated how easy it was to access ethics credits and the easily digestible presentation." Shelly Klein, New York Bar




Improving Respect & Confidence in the Legal Profession  




It is our goal to make your Texas MCLE experience as enjoyable and convenient as possible.

We  provide high quality Texas continuing legal education programs through meaningful and entertaining online Texas CLE video courses.  We are pleased  to offer Texas CLE accredited continuing legal education video classes for TX CLE Ethics Credit for Texas State Bar Attorneys. We hope that you will tell your partners and associates about our TX CLE Ethics accredited MCLE Programs & Seminars. Our Texas MCLE Programs & TX CLE Seminars are video courses available online on-demand to satisfy TX MCLE mandatory continuing legal education Texas CLE Ethics credit requirements. Thank you.  




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